Nemuro Miyuki

Nero (Alien name)

250px-Nemuro Miyuki-1-
Dub name
Character Info
Gender Male
Position GK
Number 1
Element Wind

The Genesis

Neo Genesis

Seiyuu None
  • Nemuro Miyuki (Alien name: Nero) is the ex-goalkeeper of The Genesis.
  • Now is the reserve goalkeeper of Neo Genesis


He is a short, little boy with forest green hair, red eyes, and extremely pale skin. In the game, Nero wears a purple earing, but this part of his design was taken out in the anime for an unknown reason.


Nero usually uses Procyon Net, when the shoot is weak. But when the shoot is strong, he then uses Jikuu no Kabe , his most powerful technique.


Nemuro using his Hissatsu.


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